SparkCity Symposium: the perspective of the grid operator by Arjan Wargers

ElaadNL sponsors the research of Auke Hoekstra and that makes them the largest sponsor to the SparkCity model. In this talk, Arjan Wargers explains why.

Arjan Wargers is the manager innovation at ElaadNL. This foundation is extremely interested in smart charging electric vehicles as a way to avoid unnecessary grid investments and to optimize the use of renewable energy. This video sums it up nicely:

The SparkCity model provides him with the numbers to back this position up.


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SparkCity Symposium: advanced charging strategies (and hotdogs) by Gijs van der Poel

On November 13 2017, SparkCity was formally presented to the public. Gijs is a consultant and EV expert at grid operator Alliander but while working with us on SparkCity he was a consultant for OverMorgen. His unparalleled knowledge on the link between electric vehicles and the built environment allowed us to select the most representative neighborhoods for SparkCity.

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