Virtual labs

Through combining knowledge from different
fields in science in our Virtual labs we get a grip
on challenges in the energy and mobility transition.

We make virtual labs for different stakeholders.

Virtual labs for...

To come up with sustainable energy and mobility strategies is complex and involves multiple fields of expertise…

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when and where reinforcements are needed in the low voltage networks…

The mobility sector is changing rapidly. The rise of electric transport, hydrogen transport, and mobility as a service…

Advantages of our virtual labs.

Why simulate?

Risk free testing

By simulating strategic choises we can analyse the effect that they have on system level.

Save time & money

Testing in a virtual environment is cheaper and faster than real world pilots.


Visual simulations make it easy to discuss what is happening in complex systems with different stakeholders.


Use scientific methods and knowledge for a solid foundation of your strategic decisions.


Agent-based transition models give insight into the development of technology and society.


By making use of real GIS maps and visualisation of agent we keep close to reality and become more transparent.

Blog & papers

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Are you a sustainability freak like us? Are you a hero in modeling, data visualization or product design? Do you want to experience the work environment of a start-up with a small dynamic team? We are always looking for enthusiastic students who want to use their skills to make the world a better place.