An integral vision

To come up with sustainable energy and mobility strategies is complex and involves multiple fields of expertise. Our virtual labs give you tools to make strategies taking into account spatial development, technology, infrastructure, behaviour and costs. An interal vision that everyone can understand.

Visual & interactive

The transition towards sustainable heating, electricity and mobility asks for an integral approach. Hugh parts of the heating demand has to be supplied by renewable electricity. The electrification of transport puts even more pressure on the electricity networks. With our simulations you can find the synergy between innovations.


Province of Noord-Brabant 100% renewable electricity

To get insight into the energy system of the province of Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands we created the Energy transition lab that simulates the energy supply of the province with the associated costs and CO2 emissions. The province uses this tool to test different future scenario’s and create understanding amongst the stakeholder. The video shows an example of how the model can be used to examine future scenario’s. The lab is also available online via the Anylogic Cloud Service