It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when and where reinforcements are needed in the low voltage networks, because of an increase in the use of solar panels, electric vehicles, and heat pumps. In our virtual labs, we can simulate congestion in specific neighborhoods taking into account technological developments, economic differences and human behavior.

Spatially specific

With the SparkCity lab we can simulate the infrastructure of a neighborhood and analyse congestion. Thus, we can take into account differences in demography and network architecture between neighborhoods.

Gregor Servais is een Nederlandse portretfotograaf gevestigd in Den Haag

With the changes happening in the low voltage grid it is essential that new tools are developed for grid operators to make real-time load forcasts and actively manage power quality. With the virual labs of Zenmo we try to develop such tools.

Peter Molengraaf


The influence of smart charging on congestion in LV-grid for ElaadNL

The SparkCity lab is developed to assess the influence of new technologies like electric transport, PV and heat pumps on the low voltage network. ElaadNL has conducted an extensive research about the influence of smart charging on the congestion in low voltage grids using the SparkCity lab. The video shows how we do this. The lab is also available online via the Anylogic Cloud Service.