Virtual labs

We use our Virtual labs to give insight into complex energy and mobility systems.
We use scientific modeling methods and practical big data to make our labs realistic. Thus, we are able to get a grip on the challenges that lie ahead of us
in the energy and mobility transition.

Regional energy transition

With the Energy transition lab, a regional energy system can be simulated and future scenarios can be assessed. Such an energy system can contain heating supply, electricity supply, distribution, and storage. By making use of geographical data we get a grip on spatial development and stay close to reality.

Local energy transition

With the SparkCity lab, the energy and mobility system of an urban or industrial area can be simulated. We look at the behavior of inhabitants, workers and drivers to get a realistic image of the energy and mobility demand. Thus, the synergy between technology, people and spatial layout can be clarified.

Innovative transportation

With the Smart mobility lab we can simulate freight and passenger transport. You can for instance compare the benefits of electric truck fleets with hydrogen truck fleets, like the picture on the left. We look at driving and charging/fueling behavior of drivers to get a realistic image of fleet behavior. 


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