A sustainable future

Zenmo simulations stands for Zero-emission Energy & Mobility simulations. We want to make scientific knowledge about energy and mobility systems useful for any organisation that wants to reduce it’s carbon footprint. We believe that this knowledge stimulates sustainable development of our living environment.

Our mission

We create virtual worlds that can be used to confront challenges in the energy and mobility transition. This gives decision makers the necessary confidence to make sustainable decisions. And this will accelerate the energy transition, which is our goal.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is one of the biggest adventures in human history. And we are in a hurry because climate change is threatening us and the whole ecosystem. The global awareness of climate change is growing, but it is hard for decision-makers to know which strategy to follow in these turbulent times. Therefore we bring the latest scientific knowledge to the places where decisions need to be made. We use the newest modeling methods (agent-based) and we use practical data to make our models realistic and spatially explicit.

Our story

Every year, organizations like the International Energy Agency (IEA) publish reports about the future of renewable energy. The models that they use are static top-down models that are not able to make good predictions about systems in transition. The predictions are often too conservative. Thus, the IEA publishes their predictions on the cumulative installed capacity of solar panels every year and is not able to capture the exponential growth (see figure below).

Zenmo is founded by Auke Hoekstra, Peter Hogeveen, Prof. MAarten Steinbuch, prof. Geert Verbong and Peter Molengraaf. Partly out of rebelion, because they knew that renewables have much more potential than tradition organisations try to tell us. Thus, they started to develop methods to make predictions about systems in transition. After the first papers that were published they recognized an increasing demand for their models from governments and grid operators. They decided to start Zenmo simulations to spread their findings about the energy transition and accelerate the journey towards a sustainable future.