Our team

General director
& founder

After 20 years of experience as a freelance consultant, Auke is now researching energy and mobility systems in transition for over 10 years. He wrote books, articles and gives advice to governments and grid operators. Above all, he is the initiator and director of Zenmo simulations. 

Technical director
& c0-founder

Peter graduated in applied physics and has experience as a consultant in electric mobility. This lead to his research position at the TU Eindhoven about energy and mobility systems. He applies his knowledge and skills in the virtual labs of Zenmo.

Smart mobility professor
& co-founder

As director of the master program automotive design at the TU Eindhoven, Maarten stands at the frontline of the mobility transition. Also, his knowledge about systems and control makes him a valuable asset for Zenmo. A generator of positive energy and innovative solutions.

Energietransitie professor
& mede-oprichter

With his department “System innovation & sustainability transition”, he tries to understand innovation drivers and systems in transition. His broad understanding of renewable energy systems is of great value to Zenmo. With the Zenmo models, we try to capture his visions and quantify them.

Energy transition expert
& co-founder

As ex-CEO of grid operator Alliander, Peter stood at the frontline of many changes in the Dutch energy sector. He is a strong supporter of renewable energy and Zenmo is one of the start-ups he supports. He helps Zenmo to understand how to create added value with our simulations.

Modeler, marketing & website

Michiel is an expert in energy markets, demand response technologies, and agent-based modeling. As a graduate student, he did his internship at Zenmo and wrote his thesis about smart charging in Dutch neighborhoods. At Zenmo he works on models and is responsible for the website and marketing.

Modeler & energy system expert

Naud graduated in innovation sciences at the Department of Geert Verbong and specialized in renewable energy systems. For his master thesis he developed the Energy transition lab for the province of Noord-Brabant. His power lies in understanding the needs of different stakeholders in the energy transition.