SparkCity Symposium: EV buying behavior by Peter Hogeveen


On November 13 2017, SparkCity was formally presented to the public.

Peter Hogeveen gave the second talk, addressing the question:
“How many EVs will be sold in the Netherlands?”

Peter Hogeveen is the lead programmer of ZEnMo. He is a PhD student at the Eindhoven University of Technology and a sustainable mobility consultant at EVConsult in Amsterdam. For the last few years he has been involved in a variety of modeling studies to analyze the development and impacts of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and the energy transition. His passion lies in the use of analytical tools and data analysis to contribute to a more sustainable society. He holds a bachelor degree in applied physics and master degrees in Energy technology and in Engineering and Policy Analysis.

His analysis builds on the master thesis work of Vedant Linesh Sundrani (4AT98_FinalReport_Vedant) and Chaoxing Dai (thesis_C_DAI).

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Energieke wegen (boek)

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Better Predictions in Renewable Energy

The International Energy Agency has just released its renewable energy prognosis for 2017. The highly influential organization once again predicts that yearly solar panel production will stagnate at current levels. The IEA has predicted this before at least 12 times (as I’ve detailed last year). Every time they are proven spectacularly wrong but the new predictions are always just as bad as the last. Why??

It’s a question dear to my heart. Not only because I make models about this for a living but also because I think we have to cut through the fake news, the bias and the BS before we can see that the solutions to global warming are staring us right in the face.

In this post I present my hard won insights (during more than 25 years of working on radical innovation) on how we might be able to make better predictions regarding energy and mobility. First I’ll present the problem, then I’ll present the explanation and finally the solution. The picture above gives the summary.

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