SparkCity Symposium: EV buying behavior by Peter Hogeveen


On November 13 2017, SparkCity was formally presented to the public.

Peter Hogeveen gave the second talk, addressing the question:
“How many EVs will be sold in the Netherlands?”

Peter Hogeveen is the lead programmer of ZEnMo. He is a PhD student at the Eindhoven University of Technology and a sustainable mobility consultant at EVConsult in Amsterdam. For the last few years he has been involved in a variety of modeling studies to analyze the development and impacts of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and the energy transition. His passion lies in the use of analytical tools and data analysis to contribute to a more sustainable society. He holds a bachelor degree in applied physics and master degrees in Energy technology and in Engineering and Policy Analysis.

His analysis builds on the master thesis work of Vedant Linesh Sundrani (4AT98_FinalReport_Vedant) and Chaoxing Dai (thesis_C_DAI).

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SparkCity Symposium: advanced charging strategies (and hotdogs) by Gijs van der Poel

On November 13 2017, SparkCity was formally presented to the public. Gijs is a consultant and EV expert at grid operator Alliander but while working with us on SparkCity he was a consultant for OverMorgen. His unparalleled knowledge on the link between electric vehicles and the built environment allowed us to select the most representative neighborhoods for SparkCity.

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